7th Jan 2013 10:22pm
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Normally the world's eyes are always on Sydney, Australia's fireworks when it comes to the New Year, however I believe the display from the Aussie's this year wasn't upto scratch. It was very "spaced out" and patchy and there wasn't so much of the iconic bridge being used either - though I did notice the beautiful golden waterfall effect, that was beautiful. However it seemed this years winner was without a doubt here on our home turf, London.

London 2013 New Year Fireworks - Duration: 11:52 - Size: 156MB

Besides having an excellent year what with the Queen's Jubilee celebrations and also hosting the Olympics, we still seemed to have enough spare cash to splash out on an excellent firework display to end the fantastic year of 2012 and bring in 2013. The fireworks were timed beautifully and the use of the London Eye (or "Ferris Wheel" to some people -.-) was amazing! I've watched the fireworks at least 25 times now and still I end up covered in goosebumps and have tears in my eyes. Not sure if it's how the fireworks are all timed beautifully to the music or the clips from David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth and the Underground's "Mind The Gap" geezer.

I'm still yet to come across a audio only version of the mix that was used for the fireworks - I could just extract the MP3 from the video footage, but it'll have the sound of the fireworks in it. Though I did come across the track listings, if anyone is interested in them.

Nero - Me And You
Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Electric Light Orchestra - Mr Blue Sky
Take That - Shine
Simˇn Barrera - Wide Awake vs Paradise [Katy Perry & Coldplay]
Public Enemy - Harder Than You Think
Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom
Psy - Gangnam Style
Calvin Harris - Spectrum ft. Florence and the Machine
Queen - We Will Rock You
Gary Barlow & The Commonwealth Band/Military Wives Choir - Sing
Ellie Goulding - Anything Could Happen
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again
Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden - Bonkers
One Direction - Live While We're Young
Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza ft. Tinie Tempah

So after that amazing year we had where it seemed we - as a country - came together and made our little island a place that we were proud to call home, I hope the feelings continue into 2013! (I'm also hoping we'll claim the victory of New Year Fireworks 2014 too!)

But from me, have a great New Year everyone and look forward to more exciting things this year! (I know I have my chest bar coming out along with a possible call back for Britain's Got Talent - such fun!)


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