12th Oct 2012 04:53am
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Well, well, well... it seems the oh-so sweet and innocent pop singer, Justin Bieber has had a bit of his personal stuff stolen and judging by his Tweets, he wasn't too happy with it. Obviously you'd be annoyed, but guess what, I bet he's more annoyed as there's supposedly rumoured "pictures" of himself on there... not so sweet and innocent now are we Bieber?

I did come across some pictures on a various website, however due to the Terms of Service with Google, I am NOT allowed to post the "picture" to share with you - and as they ARE available on the internet already in various places they are findable - so legal people, back away(!!)

However I must say the legitimacy of the images is quite debatable though...


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12th Oct 2012 05:39

hey justin i think your naked picture are so sexy and hot like your body

By kylie


14th Oct 2012 23:35

has anyone noticed that justin bieber has an outty belly buttonn and the guy holding his dick doesnt ?????

By johnny


15th Oct 2012 08:20

Yeah, I noticed that too Johnny, that's why I'm questioning whether the nude pictures are real or not... more than likely they ain't real, but still gets the imagination running. :p

By Dale Hay


20th Nov 2012 08:37

Hi I'm with Saudi Arabia and I liked your body much you allow me I want to do sex Maan

By aboode


24th Nov 2012 05:56

fake :wtf

By jj


28th Dec 2012 19:43

u ar sex boy

By Laura Freida dzieli się z Tobą 200 monetami!


10th Jan 2013 18:31

Alas these nude pics are not of him I've seen and got 2 of the original photos on my mac. The guy in the pic is very cute still though

By Iain


7th Mar 2013 20:00

Any one who want to TRADE pictures and videos of ped'off Yhilia............are welcome !
Of course...I don't offer stuff.....I TRADE..which suppose that if you want to trade..you must have something to trade !

Write me back !



10th Apr 2013 20:11

Hey Justin i LOVE you and your body is so sexy

By Eva


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