2nd Feb 2006 05:00am
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I've just viewed the trailer for Scary Movie 4, and it's ok, same old usual "hits" that get done. Cannot wait till it's released.

» Scary Movie 4 Trailer


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5th Feb 2006 20:41

Looks good - but Bambi 2 looks better!
By Jonny

7th Feb 2006 06:33

So you wanna go and see it with me when its outs then (I asked here first yea!) :D
By John

7th Feb 2006 18:14

Well - if u were talkin to me no!

Dale - u wanna see Scary Movie with me!??!

hehe - gutted John! - My name's better too!
By Jonny

7th Feb 2006 22:44

Well I won't be watching it at the cinema *cough* *cough* I'll be seeing it elsewhere *cough*
By Dale Hay

7th Feb 2006 23:01

*sulks lol
By John

7th Feb 2006 23:07

*sulks lol
By John

8th Feb 2006 11:02

Thats cos he's bringing the pirated/downloaded version to mine... hahahaha!
By Jonny

8th Feb 2006 17:40

Who said I will be downloading it?? *cough* :p
By Dale Hay

9th Feb 2006 23:34

can I have it after you used it then :D
By John

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