23rd Aug 2012 05:04pm
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I am actually surprised I haven't posted this earlier to try and get the audience of the search engines - as I'm having very good coverage for it all recently, well basically our third-in-line to the Throne, Prince Harry is on leave from the army and two pictures appeared on American gossip site, TMZ, of him - one of him playing naked billiards and another of him holding his "crown jewels". Both not actually showing anything rude - even his arse crack is "starred" in one photo. So these two pictures have circulated the internet and global newspapers, but it hasn't appeared in any - but one - newspaper in the UK, why?

The reason for this is because of the recent Leveson Inquiry happening about the phone-hacking scandals and what-not... and basically all the newspapers are scared of publishing them, for fear of what? I don't know... maybe it would be used against them in court or what? Confusing. However because I don't like to follow many laws and rules on here - plus with the internet being a slight platform for freedom of speech and what-not, I am not afraid to show these pictures. They ain't rude... they aren't offensive and I cannot really see the problem with them being published? I'd be a bit annoyed if it was a 100% nude picture - with everything showing, but these are SFW ("safe for work") pictues.

Prince Harry Naked

Prince Harry Naked


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