16th Jul 2012 04:36pm
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Last week it seemed the end of the world for most people who were on O2. The network ended up failing for them and wasn't restored for about 24 hours. This obviously sparked mass-outrage on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and I feel quite sorry for the internet staff that run the Facebook and Twitter accounts as they seemed to have been in the firing line from many angry customers.

I do agree with the customers being angry though - I mean, who wouldn't be? Especially if you're self-employed and rely on your phone for your business, you would've lost a lot of money (and how they're going to get compensation - I haven't the foggiest).

Though while the problems were occuring, the staff at O2 were handling their Twitter moans brilliantly. I couldn't stop laughing at how - dare I say it - "professional" they were with their responses. Below are a selection of some that were put on Twitter and Facebook.

Sender: If your network's #O2 I feel bad for you son, you got 99 contacts but you can't text 1!

Sender: I'm on the new O2 plan... Unlimited Smoke Signals, 250 Pigeons a month, Free messages in a bottle to other O2 customers

Sender: @O2 My cousin said if you don't get it working, he will hunt you down.
O2: @Sultan_George that won't be necessary, I believe. Tell your cousin to enjoy the beautiful weather outside as we're back in business :)

Sender: Oh @O2 have said sorry. Nice. So when I don't pay my bill for another month will a sorry do? How about arse-fucking your mothers you twats?"
O2: @AshleyRoberts61 She says no thanks.

O2: @grahamcummings7 Maybe later, got tweets to send right now.

Whoever was replying for O2 that day did an amazing job!

Still not enough to make me switch from Orange though


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19th Jul 2012 16:24

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