31st Jan 2006 05:00am
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Oh my! dalehay.com was down for 6 hrs and 21 mins! Why? Well I've kinda used 12.5gb out of my 10gb bandwidth limit... whoopsie! :D However I have more now, so it's all fine.
I myself am having a bit of a stressful time... >_<


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31st Jan 2006 21:00


I did warn you that if Lynn was not re-instated there I would have to resort to a D.O.S attack!


Or Else......

I will have to tickle you ;)

By Pete


31st Jan 2006 21:10

Urgh! I hate tickling!!

However I can say Lynn has not been killed off just yet!!

By Dale Hay


31st Jan 2006 22:25

Ah I now know your weekness! MUWAHAHAHA

Oh cool pix bud

Look fwd to seeing Lynn back at work ;)

By Pete


2nd Feb 2006 22:46

oh dear, get a new internet provider with free bandwith. LOL

By John


2nd Feb 2006 23:19

Well I don't rely on my ISP for this website. This is hosted on a server elsewhere in the world. And having it on my ISP's account would probably just have advertising banners all over it. Plus lack of PHP and MySQL stuff.

By Dale Hay


7th Feb 2006 06:31

wow, you sound all dead sexy with that technical stuff especially the MySQL

By John


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