20th Jun 2012 06:42am
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A gay man was accused of being a paedophile because he had a boyfriend and a camera.

Now you're probably thinking where on Earth did this take place? Well sadly, it happened in this country, at London's Gatwick Airport by the UK Border Force in the North Terminal.

This man was stopped by the border force officers who believed he "might be involved in paedophilia" because he had a boyfriend and a camera. They then proceeded to search his bag because they believed because he had a boyfriend and a camera, he was one. Then to make things worse, the staff did a background check on the male and found out he was HIV positive, to which one of the officers advised another collegue to use a strong antispetic gel on his hands while searching his baggage. Oh yeah, because we all know you can catch HIV from touching someones stuff.

The unnamed male was "asked routine questions about the trip" and when his bag was to be searched, he requested it to be done in a private room - to which he was refused. All the comments made by staff were all in earshot of the passengers in the terminal too.


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22nd Jun 2012 21:05

Nice blog and interesting posts, like it! :)

By Susanna


23rd Jun 2012 05:18

discrimination indeed! All is fair to live happily. Treat people with HIV as human being too.

By Fernando Lachica


23rd Jun 2012 17:50

Not nice.
When travelling, you will encounter some hassles which is not under your control. But...this one is

By Freddie


23rd Jun 2012 20:16

Totally out of order in my opinion.

By Chrisy M


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