2nd Jun 2012 05:18am
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Hello June! Only feels a day or two ago that it was turning May and my oh my don't the months seem to fly by now (probably because I'm starting to get older - urgh), anyways, because I like to be public about things I thought I'd publish my website stats for May 2012 on here so you can all have a ganders.

Now I run 4 websites at the moment, but in time I will keep making more and adding them to my empire. Two of them are clean (here and UKTVC), one is a bit so-so (SwimVault) and the other one is adult (SV), which I cannot link to due to the terms and conditions of Google AdSense.

Ok so we'll start with site 1, this place, dalehay.me - my personal blog in which I get a fair bit of interest because of chart listings and also last month because of an unreported story in the news (well they did report on it, but only 3 hours late).

dalehay.me Stats
dalehay.me Stats

Next is site 2, UKTVC - United Kingdom Television Channels, basically it's a site listing all the channels that're viewable in the UK along with the channel numbers you can find them on through different methods (i.e; Sky, Freesat, Virgin, etc...)


Next is my latest piece of work, site 3, SwimVault - this is/slowly going to be website/picture gallery of males in Speedo's or any other forms of swimwear. (There is interest out there for it! Trust me.)

SwimVault Stats
SwimVault Stats

And then finally, my 2nd oldest site that keeps going and coming back, then going again, site 4, "SV". Basically I found a certain niche online that wasn't really filled, so I decided to fill it.

SV Stats
SV Stats

As you can see from last months stats, dalehay.me did exceptionally well! Hopefully this months stats will be even better! You'll have to stick around and find out at the beginning of July.


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