30th May 2012 04:42am
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After a week of faffing around, I am now proud to announce my first ever Android Application!

It's called dhConverter, dh for me (Dale Hay) and Converter because that's what it does, it converts. What does it convert you ask? Well it converts various different types of temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or maybe even Rankine or Kelvin. Also you can convert various methods of Weight, Length, Area, Capacity and Volume.

At the moment the application isn't available on the Android Market due to the fact that it costs $25 to put it on there. (I know, I thought it was free too! Come on Google!)

If you would like to get hold of dhConverter, then you can get it from this site (dalehay.me) ONLY! And it's FREE. If you wish to link to it, then please can you link to this article - just so I can keep an eye on the interest.


» Download dhConverter 1.0 (Android)

Any questions, comments or suggestions, could you please post them below.

Thank you and enjoy! :)


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