17th May 2012 12:59am
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Earlier on I noticed Google had a "Story fo Send" link underneath their search bar. I clicked it and watched the presentation all the way through about how your email is sent. It was quite entertaining - obviously I know how emails are sent and received, but how the presentation was set out was great. Though it got me thinking, "what on Earth have they used to make it, is it Flash or HTML5?" and a quick look in the source code proved it was HTML5 (and the workings of a fair bit of JavaScript too).

Because this looked all fabulous and worked without a hitch in my browser, I thought I'd find some HTML5 canvas tutorials and see if I can jump on the bandwagon with all this HTML5 stuff. Well along the way of looking at tutorials, documentation and examples, I came across a website that has been made using HTML5. It was called Gartic.

Gartic is a web-based drawing game similar to the popular mobile application DrawSomething, but instead of it being between you and someone else, there's more than one person playing. It did get quite addictive after a fair few rounds, however some of the drawings were just too stupid to even guess. Here are 3 rounds that were drawn by other people, see if you can guess what they were.

Did you guess any of them or have any idea? Use the comment form below to submit your answers. (I'll post the answers in the next post I put on here)

Other than having a lot of fun and laughs with this game, it got me thinking about the potential of HTML5 - so over the next few months I'm going to be having a good play around and see what fun things I can come up with... hopefully my Android browser will show HTML5 perfectly too.

Gartic: http://www.gartic.net


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