3rd May 2012 01:04pm
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Well once again when that wonderful type of broadcast on television happens you can never be too sure what might be said. You know which one I'm on about? Yes, live television. In the past there has been many of swear words accidentally said on live tv, which obviously cannot be helped as we all use swear words in our normal vocabulary now - be it if you're an adult or a child, we all swear.

So, when it came to 3 brave women discussing their awful raped by their Father story this morning on the ITV1 television show This Morning - which may I add before I proceed, was a very devistating story and they've made into a book explaining the kind of ordeals they were put through (details at the end of this post) - they accidentally - live on air - said "Fucking". Which in their defense, you can't blame them for swearing considering they've had to relive the memories of this ordeal to the nation and were deep in conversation.

Obviously there'll more than likely be a fair few complaints to OfCom about it, but hopefully they'll ignore the complaints (usually from them bitter oldies that want life to stay black and white and have no fun in it). Also if you were wanting to see the swear word being said, as many people do - just look at the viewing figures on some videos on YouTube - then you're out of luck if you were watching ITV1+1 because you would have just been presented with the "Sorry, for legal reasons" screen [below].

ITV1+1 Sorry, for legal reasons screen

For full details of this ordeal, plus how to get hold of the book, then head over to ITV's This Morning website.


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10th Dec 2012 07:13

Take the world as it is not as it ought to be.

By longatogroup


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