11th Apr 2012 10:42am
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Well the last proper post on here was all the way back in January last year, so I would've had my bar in for just 5 months. So what's happened with me? Well I was working at the local boozer (The White Horse) up until January this year - which I enjoyed massively! It was hecktic and sometimes very repetitive, but alongside that I had some great laughs (along with a few tragedies too - one downside to elderly regulars). I don't think I'll find a job as fun as that in a long while! However one down of working there too was the fact I could drink on the job (which was a perk) - however that ment when I had money I was drinking it all away and leaving myself out of pocket every week, though there wasn't anything else that I did as all my mates either frequent in pubs or work in them so I'm never really out of them. All this pub lifestyle malarky ended up with me drinking in excess of 210 units a week ("un-official" (may I add) Government figures say 3-4 units a day for a male, so 21-28 a week)... however I'd built a tolerance towards it and couldn't get pissed at all - even when I was drinking SnakeyB's (Snakebite and Blackcurrant (a.k.a Diesel)) from 8 in the morning until 3-4am the following morning. As you may have gathered aswell my sleeping patterns were fluffed up too with me getting only 1-4 hours sleep each night. However since finishing in January, my sleeping patterns have returned to normal (sometimes) and I'm not really drinking at all - will have the odd couple of pints once in a blue moon.

So, what else, oh yes, obviously while working at the pub I had no internet connection and didn't have the time what with either working or on the piss to go to my Mothers and check on my websites, so I ended up falling behind with domain name renewal costs, hosting costs and other bits and bobs and in the end lost pretty much ALL of my online empire that I had built up. Luckily though I had most things backed up on my external harddrive and other laptops so I was about to use the database from one of my sites and re-launch it as a starter, that site is now back up and running (it was running from a database backup from May 2009 - so I've lost 2 years worth of stuff). Luckily too all the previous members have started to return and I'm getting a good number of hits and new members signing up too, which is a good start and I'm starting to already think about branching out on that side. A bit more closer to home though having lost dalehay.com I couldn't get it back after someone has brought it and will not give it me unless I pay $2,200. Reason for this? Because of its page rank and also "link juice" too, as there were a few tens of thousands of links on the internet all linking to the domain - from normal links, tutorial search engines, forum signatures, etc... and all of this made it popular with Google, so now there's interest for the name they're going to keep it until the link value drops. Soooo instead I decided to load the old database for this site back up, grab the template from a copy saved by the internet archive and get the few latest stories from another blog that I was starting and hey presto(!) this is back! Woo!

Now that's 2 sites out of the original god-knows-how-many that's back up. I don't have any plans on reviving ConvoWorld as people are more "social networking" now instead of talking on forums and what with stupid heavy-handed internet troggs, I'm not going to revive SoundUpload either as a MP3 Uploading Service due to copyright stuff, however I might still have it as a lyrics site - not too sure, but whatever I do, I will need to pick a new name for it. Slowly but surely my empire is going to rise (again) and return - hopefully this time a lot better than before!

So what am I planning to do on here? Well simple, keep it as my random nattering place to moan, complain or just talk a load of crap about anything and everything. I will also be posting a different man every Monday for you to oggle over in a feature called "Manday" and every Friday there will be a "Friday Funny". I might do other features during the week, not 100% sure yet, but a Manday and a Friday Funny is good enough to start off with.

Well continuing with what's happened in the almost year of absense, my bar is still in my chest! When I was in hospital having the operation I was told that it'll be in for a year, however after going to the chest clinic last August (I think), they told me that everything looked great but I will have to keep the bar in for another year. According to them they don't know too much about the procedure personally themselves with adults as they usually prefer to do the Nuss Procedure on children as their bones are more flexible. Suppose that makes me a lab rat of some sort then? He he, well upon leaving the clinic the doctors did say not to be suprised if next year (so this Summer) when I come back they tell me to come back in another year. It's a bit annoying when you think it's going to be coming out and then it's not, nevertheless I have grown to get used to the bleedin' thing... suppose I could say it's like being married to someone for a long time and got to that stage where they annoy the hell out of ya, but you still love them. It still hurts (a lot sometimes), but nothing that a bit of Tramadol can't sort out. Let's see what's in store for me this Summer time. As usual I will keep you informed and up to date with all that.

Moving on from my health, which is feeling tip-top at the moment, back in January this year, I had a lovely surprise on New Years Day! I won the lottery! Well not the official lottery, but a local pubs lottery game and I won 600+ which was a great start to my year, that money is now obviously though spent. Wish I had kept it now, but no point dwelling on what coulds.

That, as far as I know, is everything really, so not much but it's been spread out throughout the year. So anyways, don't forget to update your feed readers to http://dalehay.me/feed.php and any bookmarks too, it's .me not .com now. Have fun and I'll speak to you all soon!


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