30th Aug 2010 06:34am
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It's now been a week and a half since I had my operation and I thought I might update you all on how I feel.

Well - as crude as it sounds - I was only able to start pooping Tuesday just gone (24th August 2010) and that hasn't returned to normal yet (if you get what I mean). Passing liquids is fine afer the cafater, though they've became irregular - like one moment I'd be fine, then would need to pee like Niagra Falls.

Pain-wise, that's not too bad. Actually, I think it didn't hurt as much as they first put across to me of how painful it would be. The pain is weak to be honest and I'd happily have it done again. That's how much I feel about it. You think "Oh goodness! My ribs are being snapped out - it's going to kill!!", but nope, it doesn't... and if you're thinking "it's because you're on medication, which is the reason you can't fee much pain", then no - as I stopped taking my medication two days after coming out of hospital - because it was making me violently sick.

At the moment, the side of my chest are still sore and tender - also whenI touch them, I can feel the metal. The front of me is tight now too, but I'm capable of walking around, up and down slopes and also able to use household items like a kettle and prepare my own food, well anything that can be done in a microwave. He he.

Well that's pretty much everything I believe about it that I know to put. I will update you all when I'm about a month post-op.


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