22nd Feb 2010 01:14pm
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Shrove Tuesday in Atherstone saw another game of the yearly Atherstone Ball Game. Roughly 901 years old now, this game begins with large crowds gathering in the main street (Long St) and await the huge ball to be thrown out of Barclay's Bank window. Once it's thrown out the people in the street boot the ball up and down the street for about an hour and a half, then once that time is up the mayhem erupts and everyone goes for the ball to see who has it when the claxon goes at 5pm.

The game does involve violence, so if you're tempted to get the ball around 4.50pm then you more than likely will be punched, kicked or thrown everywhere... that's just how the game is. Anyways, this years winner was Mark Rollinson (I think I've spelt his name correctly).

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