19th Jan 2006 05:00am
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Yay, finally got around to doing a podcast, and this time there is NO sniffing in it, however I did have to manually remove 57 "erm's" from it, as I didn't know what to say. This time the download is in a zip, so your'll have to download it, and unzip it to listen to it. :D


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19th Jan 2006 18:43

:D :D :D Cool blog - nice music and LOVE the music but the end WTF the PIPS and the TONE nearly blew my ear drums -

take care bud - hope you had a fab time out ;) just hope you were taken care of ;)

By Pete


19th Jan 2006 22:49

Whoops, they were loud wasn't they... he he :p Shouldn't have it so loud then :p

Thanks for your feedback anyways :)

By Dale Hay


20th Jan 2006 22:40

...what a sexy soothing voice, nice music and the windows put up some magic graphics. will listen to that again, if just for the voice. lol
Yep ending was a bit strange :wtf
..but thanks for taking the time and I dont mind the sniffing or the erms he he he. :)

By John


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