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Well now as we're in the "10's" now, I'd like to do a round-up on a decade that I can throughly remember. This past decade (The Noughties) has been a mainly technological age for us all, plus also has had some very disasterous outcomes too. So lets start with the beginning of the decade and the celebrations of the new Millenium.


With the roll-out of broadband to pretty much anyone and everyone during the turn of the Millenium, the internet started to become the main hub for different types of media (i.e; music, movies, tv programs), mainly this was an illegal activity in many countries, however was easily achieved via free Peer-to-Peer programs such as KaZaA and Limewire. To stop activities like this and causing many companies to lose millions, if not billions of revenue, services such as iTunes, Napster and Spotify were created, along with online MP3 downloading websites such as 7Digital. Social networking was also one of the main things that became a huge hit during the mid-millenium when the sudden - yet popular - rise of MySpace came along - with everyone allowed to have their own customisable profiles and ability to add people as friends and leave comments on each others pages. MySpace mainly sparked it off with the whole social networking thing and as its popularity grew and grew, more sites began to pop-up like Bebo, Facebook and Twitter - all of which follow similar roles and are also accessible via a normal internet connection or through WAP supplied by your mobile phone operator. MySpace has proven a hit with many singers, as if it wasn't for MySpace then we wouldn't have Lily Allen or Arctic Monkeys.

Along with the trend of everything evolving, in the noughties we said goodbye to our 3 and a half inch floppys *cough* ... floppy discs!! And said hello to the USB pen, so instead of only having 1.44MB of space available (plus also the huge risk of data loss on them) we were now allowed to have something a lot smaller offering a lot more space (64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, etc...) for a nice low price... plus they're roughly the same size as a lighter and reliable. Computers and laptops are starting to equal out as laptops are coming down in price and going up in specifications meaning more people are opting for the more portable option. Not only was computer based products evolving in this technological age, but so was our televisions with the introduction of play-pause-record TV and onDemand services where we could catch up with programs that we'd missed and we even had interactive services that had upgraded our original Teletext service - damn I remember those old days of having to wait ages for the page to search.

Stereo appliances have also changed too so it was a goodbye to the old casette players and most Stereo Hi-Fi's were made with just a CD player and radio built in, then came the ability to play MP3 files from a CD on them, then along came DAB Radio as the analog signals start getting cut off for TV and Radio and now some systems even have harddrives in them so you can use them a multimedia centres. Talking of multimedia centres, we cannot forget that we had the Playstation 2 released just at the turn of the millenium with its brilliant (at the time) graphics and powerful (also at the time) specifications and also the XBox, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS/DS Lite and a million and one new gaming franchises.

Certain websites were also gaining huge popularity in the noughties clocking up millions of views each day, including Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live, eBay, WikiPedia, YouTube, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, GenesReunited and Twitter. Along with internet technology updating all the time, many people found it easier to also make things online to share with the world - so became a generation of homebrew cartoons (flash based), games, tutorials, guides. The internet during the past 9 years has turned into a huge information tank - which thankfully is easy to filter through thanks to the help of Google, Yahoo and MSN/Live.

As the decade plodded on, we had also seen the introduction of cost-efficient solar panels, ultra-flat screen televisions and monitors, touch-screen displays, digital cameras, mobile phones gaining cameras and other features all crammed in, digital switchover, blu-ray DVDs, high-definition TV, hybrid vehicles, GPS based instruments (i.e; TomTom), VOIP and affordable corrective eye surgery.

Who knows what technological advances we'll have in the next 10 years!


Along with all the wonderful advances we've had this past decade, there has also been a lot of tragedy too.

9/11 (September 11th 2001) was a day that no-one worldwide will ever forget, I personally can still remember that day ... I remember sitting on my computer when my Uncle phoned my Dad and told him to put the news on, so we both went into the living room and stuck glued to the TV watching just one tower burning - then the second plane hit, right in-front of our eyes. It was a very sad day for America, with 2,991 lives gone in the space of just over an hour and a half. All this resulted in the War on Terrorism.

NASA's Columbia Space Shuttle disintergrated over Texas on February 1st, 2003 during re-entry into Earth's atmosphere killing all 7 crew members. The summer of 2003 witnessed the deadliest heatwave in human history causing 37,451 deaths over the summer months in Europe.

2004 - Madrid Train Bombings - claiming 191 lives. A quarter of a million people are killed after a Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean on Boxing Day 2004. 7th and 21st July 2005 saw London attacked by terrorists killing around 56 people and also claiming the life of Jean Charles de Menezes. 2008 - Mumbai attacks claiming 175 lives.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina almost wiped New Orleans off the map when it came ashore, broke the levees and caused $81.2 billion dollars worth of damage and killing an estimated 1,836 people and flooding pretty much the whole city.

2009 also saw the return of H1N1 Virus, commonly known as Swine Flu and so far it is still spreading around the world with a death-toll so far of 12,970 (of which 772 of them were in the past 8 days).


The noughties has seen many events happen including the Euro becoming the main currency in 12 of the 15 European Union States, the outbreak of SARS, the capturing of Saddam Hussein in December 2003. NASA's Spirit Rover lands on Mars in 2004. The United States of America get their first black (well half-cast) President, Barack Obama in 2008/2009 creating mass-celebration around the nation.


2001 - George Harrison
2005 - Pope John Paul II
2006 - Saddam Hussein (Executed)
2009 - Michael Jackson


Hmmm... now thinking towards what the next 10 years has in-store might be slightly mind-bending but I think we're going to accomplish a lot more this next decade and I'm also going to say that by January 1st, 2020, we'll have found a cure to one of the big killers (i.e; Cancer, HIV/AIDS, etc...) *fingers crossed*


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