1st May 2009 12:51am
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For the past few months my chest has started playing up. Not just a tiny bit, but about 5-6 times a week. The things that keep happening are quick sharp shooting pains (that feel like a fencing sword being stabbed into me) around the pectal area, sharp pain when breathing, lack of breathing, pain in the front of a shoulder with very a painful squeeze feeling after breathing in and also I cannot laugh while lying down as the whole of my heart area feels like it's clenching. Oh and also a horrid "pushed down" feeling in the middle of my chest when I breath. So quite a handful of things... other things happen too, but can't be bothered to write them all down.

Now the main cause of it is a body deformality (yay - I'm deformed... what I've always wanted ). The deformality is called Pectus Excavatum - or as other people mistakenly call it Pigeon Chest (which is incorrect as a pigeons chest goes outwards, so that would be Pectus Carinatum). So basically my chest dips inwards between my nips and is kinda pushing / crushing my heart and lungs - which also does have some effect on my stamina (as I can't get the full lung capacity of what other people can due to it having not as much space).

I've had Pectus Excavatum for years and years and as you may have guessed, I'm not one for doing stuff that involves my chest being exposed, like swimming. Though after it giving me quite a lot of grief, I'm going to see the doctor in the morning and see what he says - though as it's the UK, he'll probably just turn around and say "Oh, it's fine, there's nothing wrong with it, go home and do whatever you do and forget about it". If however he does say that, then I'm going to tell him that I'm not happy with it - which you cannot blame me as I doubt anyone else would like to be in this type of pain so many times a week - and that I want something sorting out about it. Knowing the doctors in this country, who usually don't have the foggiest about anything other than a cough or cold always seem to check Google when I mention it to them as they don't understand what it means. It's not hard... "pectus" is obviously your pectal region (breast area) and "excavatum", just think of excavating - you dig some kind of pit... so two and two together comes out with a pit in your pectal region, or they could just look at my chest.

Now if the doctor does actually think something should be done... then more than likely he'll refer me over to see someone at a hospital - as surgery is one of the options of getting it sorted, though I'm a tad bit sketchy of the NHS. However I've started feeling giddy over it all after watching someones videos about his operation that took place in October 2008... he was hooked up on everything... and had needles and god knows what here there and everywhere... oh also he had a catheter, a vomit tray and also a pain button - which when pressed gives him some stuff via the epidural. It's all freaky... but oh well... lets see what the doctor says tomorrow.


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1st May 2009 12:13

Hi Dale

I stumbled across your blog today as I Googled "Pectus Excavatum". My son is almost 5 and has inherited thia condition from his Father. I did take him to the GP a couple of years ago and she said "It's cosmetic-go home and don't worry about it!" If my son's Father is anything to go by then my son will end up as self conscious and inactive as his Dad. I fear he may even spral into the same self destructive patterns that his Father has as a result of body issu insecurities. OBVIOUSLY I want to do all I can to minimise this for him and have therefore been looking at the current treatments for him.We are based in Surrey-UK and I believe the Nuss Procedure isn't done on the NHS yet?

I would like to keep up with you and your experience if you will allow me and hope that it will help me to help my son with Pectus Excavatum.

Thankyou so much for writing here.

Kindest Regards


By Emma


1st May 2009 16:09

Hello Emma,

Thanks for coming here and reading my article. :)

Well I did go to the doctors today, which I will be writing an update in a few minutes to it however the doctors in this country are not brilliant.

I only think the method that's like using polyfiller on your chest, but doesn't actually correct the ribs, it just flattens the chest area, is the only one at the moment available in the UK. However with mine, it's the pain from it going inwards and shortness of breathe that's the annoyance.

I will keep you updated on everything Emma and once again thank you for commenting on this article.

By Dale Hay


27th Jun 2009 22:08

Hi Emma
Stumbled across this website when researching my sons op for pectus excavatum - we live in hampshire and he is due to go into Southampton on Tuesday to have his op on the NHS = he is 15 and his condition is getting worse as his chest has got more deformed through puberty == if you need more info then we can chat

By pauline


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