10th Apr 2009 12:50am
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Well, I've got the gossip! Saturday's show has been filmed and I've got the gossip about what happens! If you do not wish to know what / who is on, then please look away now (and browse another page on Dale Hay . com) :p

First is the acts from London with Flawless, Manjit Singh - a Leicester Strongman, Flippin Bonkers - a dance troupe (which one had "I heart Amanda") on his chest, Max Beecher - a contortionist, that Piers said was "horrifically compelling", A Cherry On Top who were a can-can acrobatic dance act who Simon thought were "Bloody Fantastic", Stavros Flatley, Antoinette Akudolu who's a aerial rope act that was good but only shown a tiny bit, Andrew Archeos who sang a spanish song who was also only shown briefly, All Stars Display Team who did a gymnastic dance routine, Andy Demetriou who is a 60 year old phone engineer who claims he is "the old mans Gene Kelly" and hopes the audience and the judges approve of him, though as Demetriou gives Ant & Dec the cue to hit the music the judges look like they are expecting some stylish and funky Gene Kelly moves however Andy just stands there waving his arms like a retard... causing all the judges to hit their buzzers, which leaves Andy a bit pissed off and Ant & Dec had to remove him off stage. Carrying on, there's Challock Hoofers who are elderly tap dancers, Phil Norton who's a rollerskating dancer who fell and didn't impress the judges and finally from London, Bradley and Jamie Ann who were a really shite ballet act. Though they did mouth back when they were poked at (not literally) by Simon Cowell calling him a "hopeless judge"!

Moving up the country, next is Birmingham. The acts from the Midlands are as follows:

Gwyneth Marichi whos a comedic witch that didn't really didn't work and she decided to curse the judges as she was X'd off, Andrew Pugh who was the Captain Jack Sparrow ... well not really... just a plonker in a pirate costume that was cutting fruit with a chainsaw that didn't really make sense, Kelvin Hawkins who was a comedian that just was poo, Good Evans, Rapture who were a dance troupe that has a tiny five year old along with them to, I believe, recreate the Connie Talbot "Awwww... vote for me because I'm so young" factor... however the judges voted yes... yes and yes and finally from Birmingham a stripper named Fabia Cerra, need I say more?

And finally going much-much further up-north... is Glasgow! From the wonderful Scottish city we have... ... ... ... ... ... nothing. Only joking! There is talent in Glasgow! Trust me!

Firstly we have a childrens dance troupe who are aged between 10 and 13 (that sadly DIDN'T get through - ha! *cough*) named Happy Feet Dance Troupe, a bagpipe act that had an oh-so original name Drums N Roses... yes you're thinking the same as me "Guns N Roses" however their performance seemed to have had sounded like the good old? disco / drunk song of Hokey Cokey which Piers and Amanda were fond of but Simon wasn't - BUZZ!! From him! Next was a world record attempt... everyone OH MY GOD... LISTEN A WORLD RECORD!!! Yes a Mr James Boyd decided to break a world record by eating the most Ferrero Rocher in one minute (I'm sure the American's could eat a box of 24 in less than ten seconds!!)... the current record stands at 7, however he only did 4... loser. Though Ant (from Ant & Dec) tried it and did 5 (In your face Boyd!). Following along with the weirdness of the North was Edmund Gaw who was a bad impressionist, Susan Boyle, Joanna Gray whos talent was really understood and finally Jason Auld who kept falling off his unicycle (well, he should of stopped drinking then!) which ended him up in having the good old 'X' 'X' 'X'.

The show will be on ITV1 this Saturday. Hope you enjoy it! :-)


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11th Apr 2009 21:30

Rapture are not very good at hip hop tbh. im voting them off because theyre repin ireland here!

By cat


13th Apr 2009 01:15

Go rapture there classs

By jeje


19th Apr 2009 22:22

i for am voteing for susan boyle

a marvelous marvelous talent

tell simon to sign her as soon as possible

and may god watch over her

By mary cooper


22nd Apr 2009 10:42

cool :P

By caroline


26th Apr 2009 16:05

u guys r so mean about people who didn't ge through. I mean u probably wouldn't even get past the part before u meet the judges! So don't go dissin anybody!!

By Miss L


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