31st Mar 2009 04:14pm
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SpotifyNow we all know Napster... all those bad times it went through then it's transformation to legality, well there is a slightly new-ish piece of software released, which I only came across last night and I think it's brilliant!

Think of a Free Napster for life, with no buffering (so instant playing), playlists, custom made radio stations and artist listings that will even make the biggest music fan weak at the knees! Well this piece of software has it!

The software is called Spotify and is free to download for the United Kingdom (I'm unsure about any other countries just yet) and with the free version, you can search thousands upon thousands of tracks and play them instantly. When you click an artist / band it gives you a list of all their albums, along with the songs on that album and also all single releases (with the extra bonus mix tracks on it) and also a list of all the compilation albums that any of their songs have appeared on. The searching is pretty much instant and to play a song, you just double click it! Simple!! You can also make playlists too and also you can also right click a song and add it to your queue.

So you may be thinking "wow! this piece of software sounds amazing... but what's the catch?" ... well there isn't really a catch. The software is Adware, so it's funded by adverts. Every now and then a banner advert will appear at the bottom of the software and also on the right-hand side too - which isn't bad or intrusive (also there are no popups in it either!). Also every 5-15 songs you listen to a small commercial will play - which cannot be skipped and also if you turn the volume of the advert down so far, it pauses the advert... and it also pauses when you turn your volume down on your volume settings in your system tray, however it's only for about 30 seconds and isn't really that bad considering you're getting a free piece of music software!

So go on, give it a go! I've been using it all day today and think it's amazing! (Oh there are only a few tracks that cannot be played - due to a few rights restrictions in this country - however everything that I've listened to works!)

Just go on the Spotify website and click "Free Download" and install and you're then on your way to free LEGAL music 24 hours a day! (Oh and one final thing... you cannot save the tracks to your computer - so it's only a streaming based piece of music software)

? Download Spotify


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