25th Mar 2009 12:43am
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Hmmm... why does it always seem so hard to think of a decent idea that can be (easily) done online and take off - like the next Google or YouTube?!

We've all heard the stories, like Google being just a University Project and it being started in a garage. Now a handful of years later and BOOM! It's a name that nobody doesn't know. Same with YouTube too. And that doesn't limit it to just websites, even computer applications... MSN, Skype, Firefox etc.. these are all the big names in the application side of things. But they're all such simple ideas too... well the basic idea of it is simple... for example, MSN ... it's a program that allows you to chat to people on your contact list, add and remove people and send files and do some video and audio stuff too. It's all so simple. Only if I got there years before.

One site I have seen a lot recently in the media is a site called YouNoodle, weird name ya? Well it's a great site that allows you to view other "big things" that have recently started and are wanting to "make it big". Now I must confess, yes I do look at the site and think ... oooohhhh ... I'll pinch that idea and why not just mix it with a bit of that idea, then I start making it and then get bored... and stop. The reason for it, is that I know I'd get pissed all over by the others because they always take the risks in advertising heavily and hope that it makes them money. I obviously don't have a few thousand pounds to take a chance on advertising through Google AdWords ... nor the other various advertising places.

Urgh... why does finding something new have to be so hard! I bet it's right in front of my face and I'm just not recognising it.

? YouNoodle


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