9th Mar 2009 05:02am
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Right, we all know (especially in the United Kingdom) that the United States of America ("USA") are outragious / random ... I mean, look at any TV show and the crowd goes wild over the slightest thing... you sneeze or say "Titty Tassles" and they're laughing into next week.

However from reading some news on the BBC News website (which I check at least about 5 times a day!) the not-so-wonderful Northern province of Korea (known to all as North Korea) has warned that if the USA or South Korea shoot down any of North Korea's satellites then it will start a war. Now you might be thinking... why does this matter? Well for the past god-knows-how-many-years whenever the USA have been in trouble the United Kingdom Government are right up the arses of the USA. Tony Blair - for example - is a good example of that. It was the US that decided to goto war in Iraq, not us here in the UK... but still OUR (yes OUR!!) troops are out there... losing / threatening their lives for something our country pretty much has nothing to do with.

Now if the USA does launch this missle (which is reported that it'll be launched in disguise of a rocket launch) and it DOES destroy one of their satellites then North Korea will goto war with USA. Don't get me wrong, the USA army is a big army - however you've got to remember... North Korea is a country that you should just leave alone. Why? Well because they have so much secret stuff there ... too be honest, I wouldn't be suprised if they already had a shit load of nuclear weapons already lined up. But also if they do goto war with the USA, which other country would then decide to "help out"?? Exactly!!


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9th Mar 2009 21:08

Lol, right! But no matter how many nukes North Korea has, you can be assured we Americans have more!

By Richard Leik


28th May 2009 03:48

your right man we should leave them alone. just make peace

By yank


15th Jun 2009 23:49

KattyBlackyard - Well it's my own words, so if you're going to copy it, then I do suggest that you give the address of where you got it from (along with a link, if it's for a website).

By Dale Hay


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