22nd Feb 2009 07:40pm
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Below you will find an example of one of the new things available in CSS3 (If you do not see them correctly then this is because your browser either A) Sucks or B) Hasn't got CCS3 support yet)

Supported Browsers
- Google Chrome (Tested using

Multiple Backgrounds
Originally CSS1 and CSS2 only allowed you to have one background per DIV, SPAN, etc... however now in CSS3 you can have more than one background. Just take a look at the example below... four background images!!

This is an example bit of text.

This bit of text goes over a few lines so you can see the fact that the background behind it actually contains 4 images!

No longer just one image (like in CSS1 and CSS2)

Other Tags
Other tags have been made, however a lot cannot be previewed as they're still in development. These include:

  • box-shadow (which adds a shadow to an area)
  • border-radius (creates rounded corners)

If there are anymore updates to CSS3 then I will show them on a seperate CSS3 page, which is located here.


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