15th Nov 2008 05:27pm
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Well even though it isn't my country and doesn't effect me in any way, shape or form, I am suprised about the outcome of the Californian vote on Prop 8. If you're unsure what Prop 8 is, it's basically a legal thing that basically makes California only recognise and perform male and female marriages and not same sex couples. As you can see to the left of this text, that is the flyer they're using... "Restoring Marriage and Protecting California Children". Firstly how can you restore something that isn't broken... California legalised same-sex marriage either earlier this year or last year and now they've made it illegal again. As for the second line "Protecting Californian Children" ... what the fuck is that all about?! Same-sex couples do exactly the same stuff as straight people in the working world... they work, shop, build cars, fix cars, surf, party, cough, sneeze, drink, fart, poo, wee... nothing different.

I was suprised about the amount of companies and people who didn't want this ban to go ahead too... Google, Apple Inc, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Barack Obama, Joseph Biden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the list goes on...

Hopefully the Californian's take a look over at our country and see we ain't a "wrong nation" and that we're all happy with the society that we live in.


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