21st Jul 2008 06:13pm
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Everyone surely has seen Most Haunted? If not, watch it! Well there is a site called Most Farted that have done 4 videos, 3 episodes and 1 extras video and basically they edit it by changing the spoken words and also adding in fart sounds. However they haven't done a proper video in over 2 years. Though today (about 30 mins ago) I ended up finding some other videos made by someone else. They're pretty good - kinda funny.

They have disabled embedding of the video, so here are the links to the videos. There's 9 of them so far.

» Episode 1
» Episode 2
» Episode 3
» Episode 4
» Episode5
» Episode 6
» Episode 7 (Live Show)
» Episode 8
» Episode 9


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3rd Aug 2008 01:54

I loved Most farted and am sorry to say these new ones are rubbish compared to the masterful video editing and timing that the first 4 posess. I sincerely hope people don't think the maker of these is related to the hilariously funny most farted series.



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