17th Jul 2008 10:05pm
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I came across a site called JibJab where you can make your own little videos and I've gotta say the site is brilliant. Took a while to register though as they allow you to select United Kingdom as an area but when you enter a UK Post Code it moans and says it's invalid... after about 10 minutes it finally accepted it. Anyways, here's my creation... I think it's hillarious!


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18th Jul 2008 00:09

Yeh looks great, will use that myself for something I'm sure. But Dale, your grammer and spelling is crap! example, "register though as they allow you", you're using "as" instead of "because", very common mistake... this is level 2/3 stuff (GCSE/A-level), you should know this.......
and "hillarious" is spelt "hilarious". Where did you go to school, the Leys?????? lol

Yeh I know, I'm bored and being a twat!

By Daddy


18th Jul 2008 10:40

I see a typo there too, you wrote "grammer" when that's a common mis-spelling of "grammar". :p

Anywhos, I never completed my GCSE's and the school if you remember was renamed to Kingsley College, but The Leys would still make sense. Typical Redditch schools :p

By Dale Hay


18th Jul 2008 12:29

Hahahaha, lol, "grammer", yeh got me on that one, c'mon, I was drunk, I'll shutup in future.

"anywhos"??? Is that some kind of "London" saying? Because I hear the virgin radio guy (geoff) say that alot.

By Daddy


19th Jul 2008 06:32

I've been saying "anywhos" for quite a long time really... also "Virgin Radio" ?? Virgin... jesus fecking christ.... I thought Heart was bad, but come on ... virgin is worse. Though I do remember you having medium-wave on in the car. BBC Radio 1 in the mornings with Chris Moyles is what you should listen to.

It should be on now, but it's the weekend. So at 6.30am on Monday it'll be on... it's brilliant. :D

By Dale Hay


19th Jul 2008 14:43

Yeh Virgin Radio, proper music.. you know, with words and a melody! Actually I don't listen to it, lol, I download "The Geoff Show" podcast for my iPod.

Yeh medium wave in the car, that was for "TalkSport", gotta have me fottie!

Don't do Chris Moyles, I know he's popular, I just don't find him funny, tried a couple of his podcasts, naa, ain't got a touch on some of the other stuff I'm afraid, I'd have Johnathon Ross anyday.

By Daddy


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