20th May 2008 10:14am
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Just came back from Tesco and noticed that Tesco have their own alternative to Red Bull called Kick. It's pretty much the same besides the 2mg less caffeine per 100ml. What's best though is that it's only 45p! (46p for Diet) and that's for the 1 litre bottles (Oh normally it's 90p but they're half price at the moment). I tell you one thing it goes lovely with... Vodka. Only thing I didn't like is lugging 6 of the bastards up a hill in flimsy Tesco carrier bags.


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20th May 2008 19:41

dale why didnt u just ask?? i new about these years ago and when i used to by them (2005/2006)they were only 25p

By kirstie


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