7th May 2008 03:50pm
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It's only 24C today and already I'm melting... it's way to hot... tommorow is due to be the same too and then on Friday it's due to go down to 22C then up to 26C on Saturday. I hate the heat.


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8th May 2008 12:16

Hey friend, 24C is good enough. MY place now is 32C in average....
My country do not have season, whole year in between 26~33C, can you imaging it?

By cash advance


9th May 2008 00:17

It is just as hot here in Ph, whew!

By Elijah


9th May 2008 18:45

i feel the same, imagine having to push a puschair everywhere too and having to carry round a extra weight of a baby.....

By kirstie


11th May 2008 22:24

you call 26C hot man you must come to africa!

26C is a mild nice day!

but dam its getting cold here now

20C down to like 5C

By Peter


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