27th Apr 2008 05:05am
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Can you remember what television was like when you was a kid? Well check out what either yourself or your parents would have watched when they were children.

Pinky & Perky (1964)

Bill & Ben

The Magic Roundabout (1970)

Noggin the Nog (1959)


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27th Apr 2008 20:06

Dale you were not even a twinkle in your mom's eye when these were out !
By Peter

28th Apr 2008 19:27

Exactly what Peter says!!! How hold are you really Dale????
By Jonny

30th Apr 2008 21:06

ooohhhh! I remember these,loved the magic roundabout,and candlewick green (that ones not listed )
By mumsy

9th May 2008 00:19

I think I've watched those when I was little
By Elijah

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