2nd Jan 2006 05:00am
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About 40 minutes ago £9,500,000 was given to charity!! Why? I'll tell you why ... because someone, who brought a lottery ticket in Doncaster, lost it, after not claiming it and it having its 180 day claim time expiring. Wounded! Thats all I can say, wounded! I could have done with £9.5 million, oooo all that chocolate and WKD-Red I could buy :D

Tell me, what would you buy with £9.5 million pounds?? Use the comment system on this news story to tell me.

» BBC News Online Story


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2nd Jan 2006 18:32

By Marv


2nd Jan 2006 18:46

BLOODY hell! there lost!
Heh i would own WKD ;)

By Matteh


2nd Jan 2006 18:59

By Dale Hay


2nd Jan 2006 19:01

then i shall save up more ^_^

By Matteh


2nd Jan 2006 19:08

Probably keep it in the bank and let the interest raise the figure. :) I'd really enjoy that you know, being a multi-millionaire. :D

By Dale Hay


2nd Jan 2006 19:09

its a fact that u could live of interests for life if u win lottery! ^_^

By Matteh


2nd Jan 2006 19:21

By Dale Hay


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