24th Feb 2008 02:18am
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DuMP - Dale's Unique Music Player
Here we go then... my next attempt at a program that does something and stuff. I have decided to release build / previews of it too in each stage of development. I will be working on it probably 3 - 4 days of the week for a few hours.

0001 Development
- Adding multiple MP3 files.
- Playing of music works.

» Download DuMP - Development Version 0001


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24th Feb 2008 16:44

It's difficult to make a comment on this because I'm not sure what is, and what is not, supposed to be working. Some things don't work for me, is that because of error or because they are not yet implemented? How do I know? Maybe a list a what works with each release?

By Dad


24th Feb 2008 17:54

This version is like the first thing ever that was built, the next development build that is after the problems is 0002. I'll release it once I've made 0003.

By Dale Ha


27th Feb 2008 20:47

The stop and pause buttons don't work and multiple playing actually plays them all. :lol:
Other than that looks good.

By Imad Jomaa


29th Feb 2008 16:54

Thanks Imad,

The latter problem has not been fixed just yet, but will be in development version 0003. As for the Stop and Pause buttons - they work in development version 0002.

By Dale Hay


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