11th Feb 2008 01:55pm
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Ok, poor poor Camden Town isn't exactly having the best few days, first on Saturday the market went up in flames and now today, Monday, a bus has had its roof sliced off after being diverted due to the towns bus routes diverted. Now as for the conspiracy theory... something weird is behind it! Trust me... look at the facts... the fire was on the 9th (so 9) and the bus got its roof sliced on the 11th (so 11). Put them together and what do you get? 9 11 OR in my eyes 9 meaning September and the 11 meaning 11th ... September 11th ... what happened on September 11th back in 2001? Yes! Another conspiracy! Might be me and Martyn just being random and out-rageous but I might be onto something. Also the bus accident happened around 9am, which was around the same time the first plane hit the WTC ... something REALLY freaky is happening!!


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