5th Feb 2008 05:35am
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Getting .htaccess files to work on AppServ (Windows version) a lot of peoples computers doesn't seem to work, I myself am one of those people, so I fiddled around the other day and got it working - so hopefully if you follow this tutorial you'll understand how to get it to work and it should work for you.

First of all if you locate your Apache folder (within your AppServ folder, usually installed directly on your C drive) and go into a folder called "conf", then open the file called "httpd.conf".
.htaccess on AppServ


#LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so

Removing the '#' (hash) symbol will enable the rewrite module. (Note: Some configurations are already loaded, if so ignore it)


AccessFileName .htaccess

AccessFileName my.htaccess

Changing this from .htaccess to my.htaccess means that your .htaccess files will have to be called "my.htaccess" (However when you upload them to a real web server online then you'll need to rename them back to .htaccess)

Now restart your Apache server (This can be done by going into the Apache folder, then into the "bin" folder and running the program "ApacheMonitor.exe", opening it from the system tray and clicking "Restart")


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5th Feb 2008 10:31

Music on your main page!!!!! TACKY!!!!

By Me


6th Feb 2008 02:34

That is not my fault! The music comes from the flash game - as I mentioned on my front page.

By Dale Hay


16th Dec 2008 10:35

Thank you too much brother

you helped me with this explainiation


By Ahmed Abdul Moula


22nd Jan 2009 00:58

you're the best

By stelios k


16th Feb 2009 22:20

thanks man you're great

By abduljabar taoufikallah


23rd Feb 2009 10:55

Thanks for this explanation. It helps me a lot.

By andys


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