23rd Jul 2007 04:34am
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I think I'll stick with Microsoft Windows XP for the time being as I have just found out that taking a screen dump, or print screen as others would call it, is a lot complicated in Microsoft Windows Vista than it is in XP. In XP or any other version of Windows you just basically click the PrtSc button and it's done, however in Vista you have to click Start, then search for a program called Snipping Tool, then load it and make a selection of the screen you want to take a screenshot of then save the file, blah blah blah. Until that is fixed then I will not be upgrading and I'd be happy just staying on Windows XP.


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23rd Jul 2007 15:27

no, print screen button still works exactly the same

By Martyn


23rd Jul 2007 16:07

Eh? Does it? It don't on a Vista built Toshiba Satellite.

By Dale Hay


24th Jul 2007 14:02

Works the same as always on my HP laptop.

By jedk


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