5th Jun 2007 10:55pm
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Last Monday (28th May) I decided to sing at KUBar in Central London. I sang Beauty School Dropout and as you normally would be, I was nervous! Though after a few more people came and sang their songs the host of the night came over to me and mentioned that I am through to the final. He also mentioned that all the girls in the corner, which Martyn informed me is the VIP-y type bit, absolutely loved me. So me and Martyn, who is also in the final, will be entering the final as a duet. We will be mixing 3 songs together and singing them. I won't give away the 3 song titles however the name I wanted to give our final performance is The Phantom of the beauty school breathe easy dropout opera.

The winning prize is a widescreen plasma TV... hopefully we win it.


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6th Jun 2007 11:43

Good Luck... and thanks for offering me that TV for my new house. Would be a lovely house warming present.... Thanks x

By Jonny


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