10th Mar 2007 02:54am
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Well, I knew it. I knew you could be on your mobile phone within a hospital and it not interfere with anything. And this study shows so too! Well it's an American based study but i'm sure the way their phones work is the same as ours ... surely.

Though saying that, they did have a similar news article on the BBC News website. Can't remember the link to it though. My theory still stands though, that you get the best signal on your mobile phone when you're in a hospital.

» CNN: No need to ban cell phones in hospitals


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10th Mar 2007 10:59

I Do think thay should still have the ban of mobiles in hospitals, For the same reason thay always have done - Thay MAY affect with someones life surport.( you no the signals n all that.)

By kirstie


10th Mar 2007 21:44

Its all utter rubbish.. a mobile phone transmission is the same as hospital radio.. its just a radio transmission. yes its in a different band but its not gonna affect any equipment... same as on airplanes not a chance of interferance

By Dave


11th Mar 2007 14:01

Just because it doesn't affect equipment doesn't mean the bans should be lifted, having people using mobile phones everywhere WILL still have an effect on patient health because it can be quite annoying. Hospitals are for healing, it doesn't take much effort to go outside.

By Kyle


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