7th Mar 2007 03:18pm
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Well everything seems to be slowly getting a bit better and starting to return to normal. After this week goes by then my bank card will be with me, a replacement birth certificate and a new phone. I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has been concerned with my recent mugging and with their offers of help.

It feels like owning a big company that just suddenly got firebombed or something similar and then now its slowly getting back to normal


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7th Mar 2007 15:58

i hope everything goes ok for you dale.im still here if you need me.x

By kirstie


8th Mar 2007 15:45

well theres a 1st for every thing dale

By jimmy jones


9th Mar 2007 08:38

Id just like to echo Pete's earlier comments Dale that you have made an impact on a lot of people - a lot of people love and care about you loads and loads. So freinds will help freinds out and be there for them thats what freinds do Dale.
Glad to hear that this week is improving
Massive hugz again
Biggles XX

By Biggles


18th Mar 2007 11:47

Have you thought about applying for a driving license, even if you never learn to drive, at least you'll have the card as ID.

By Tom


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