5th Feb 2007 02:06pm
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Well as I was just outside having a ciggie, the lady from upstairs said "Ahh puffing away, again" and that just suddenly sparked a line in my head: I like smoking, smoking likes me, then within a few minutes I created a few more paragraphs and now its complete!
» Click Here to Listen to Dale Hay - I Like Smoking

Lyrics: (For those interested)
Dale Hay - I Like Smoking

I like smoking,
Smoking likes me.
I'm not going to stop,
In july-ee.

Goverment warnings,
Stuck up signs.
Anti-smoking arseholes,
They always whine.

But when the ban comes in,
I'll do other stuff.
I'd get some of that powdered thing,
That they call Snuff.

I'd sit in a pub,
Or on a bus.
I'd snort it all day long,
Without any fuss.

I'd still get my nicoteen,
Oh yes i will.
Go over to drugs,
Nah I dont fancy that pill.

NHS workers say "stop smoking",
I say, darling, dont you know its a socialable thing.

Lend me a fag,
Lend me a snout.
Feck off you pikey,
I'm not giving them out.

Goverment warnings,
Stuck up signs.
Anti-smoking arseholes,
They always whine.

I still goto the shop,
And stand in the cue.
To get my fag,
so goverment FUCK YOU!
Copyright, Dale Hay, 2007.

As you can tell, I can't sing!


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5th Feb 2007 18:59

Hehe. That's funny, you're not a bad singer, could've found some maracas though! :)

By Rob


5th Feb 2007 20:04

Its lovely!

Make a video and put it on youtube and then send to radio 1 and it could be your fortune...

By Jonny


6th Feb 2007 11:36

haha tis good

your poor lungs



8th Feb 2007 02:13

Not too sure about your singing voice. =P

While listening to you, I was thinking that you need more of a bluesy John Lee Hooker gravelly voice to carry it off, rather than the radio jingle sound.

Keep up with the cigs and you may eventually sound like John Martyn or Tom Waits. :)

By Bulbboy


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