18th Jan 2007 08:43pm
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Well the weather seems to have made a nice and weird change, going from a warmer than average start to Winter to a nice and blowy middle of Winter. (Oh and for those who don't know, Winter runs from December 21st to March 21st/22nd-ish).
So far 4 people have died because of todays storms which are likely to get worse throughout the day. I almost got whipped off my feet when going to the local shop.

18th January 2007 Storms
Image Copyright, Gemma Honeyman

1) The managing director of Birmingham Airport Richard Heard died after a branch fell on his car on the B4373.
2) A male passenger in a Ford Fiesta was killed when a tree fell on the car in Streatley, Berkshire.
3) A lorry driver died when his vehicle overturned and came off the road in high winds on the A629.
4) A woman in Stockport was crushed to death when a wall fell onto her in high winds.


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18th Jan 2007 19:39

Half my fence has gone too.

By Jonny


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