27th Oct 2006 01:48pm
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I woke up this morning at an hour I havent seen since I was at college... 6am !! And I had no ciggies so I had to venture out of my nice warm bed. So after spending 2 hours doing stuff for OCIWA (Yes I am working on it!!) I decided to put me clothes on and head down to the shop. As I opened the front door that winter morning air hit me... cold and brittle.

As I walked down to the shop my fingers started to tingle, bringing back memories of when I was a child and had to walk to school in November and December time.

Now I read in the paper (Daily Mail) the other day that all the trees, bushes and plants in the UK are messed up as they can no longer grasp if we are in Summer, Autumn or Winter. To be honest the other day it felt like Summer and now today it feels like a lovely Winters morning without the snow. Not a cloud in the sky and a slight freshening breeze, oh not to forget all the condensation on cars and front doors. So maybe we are heading straight from Summer to Winter ... totally missing Autumn.


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27th Oct 2006 11:23

You only have a few days for OCIWA now.... if you're not careful I shall get hooked on Uno and not return for OCIWA!

By Jonny


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