7th Dec 2005 05:00am
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It's December 2nd and I notice this email from MSN in my inbox.

MSN, me Congratulations

'I wonder what this is?' I ask myself... well I click it and read it...

Reading Email

I've what? Won an MP3 player AND free music downloads?? Ok then, I've never won anything before, so anyways I enter my contact details and send the message back.

Today (7th) I receive an email back saying this...

Reading Email 2

So I head over to MSN Music and enter the contact details I was given... and there's me thinking 'Oh yeah, they're only gonna give me about 3 music downloads'... well check this out...

£79.00 In My Account!

Yes! £79.00 worth of downloads!! Oh god, MSN is sooo good! This must be the best thing that Microsoft has EVER done! *kisses MSN*. Anywhos... i've just gotta wait for me MP3 Player to turn up... *waits*


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