31st Aug 2006 12:53pm
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Well Ernesto has defenately been a weird storm, first of all on Thursday 24th August 2006 Ernesto started off as a Tropical Depression, named Tropical Depression FIVE, then started to intensify. On the following day, 25th August, Tropical Depression FIVE managed to become a Tropical Storm and was then renamed the fifth storm of the 2006 hurricane season, Ernesto.

Around late evening time (GMT) on Sunday 27th August 2006, Ernesto gained enough power to be classed as a Hurricane, with a sustained wind speed of 75 MPH (120 KM/H).

Hurricane Ernesto on Sunday 27th August 2006

With this power Ernesto was predicted to become a Category 2 Hurricane, however that failed as Ernesto arrived at Cuba. Ernesto soon lost power and in the early hours of Monday morning (GMT) Ernesto fell back to a Tropical Storm and was heading for Florida.

It took Ernesto around a day to reach Florida, still as a Tropical Storm and as it started crossing Florida it weakened more to just a Tropical Depression. However at the time of writing this, Ernesto has crossed Florida and is now heading up the east coast of America. Trouble with that being is that the waters there are nice and warm and predictions do show that Ernesto may intensify to a Tropical Storm again and maybe even a Category 1 Hurricane.

I will keep you posted on this.


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