14th Aug 2006 06:00am
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Laptop... died. Everything lost... i'm devistated... all pictures / documents / text logs of my first year at college. Pictures of my little brother growing up .. all lost... :( Stupid laptop >=[

It loads the Widnows XP bit at the beginning when that bar thing is like loading, then it flickers the "blue screen of death" for about a whole millisecond then reboots automatically...

I could just try and reinstall Windows again however I don't wish to partition my harddrive (to try and save the data already on there). Urgh!

Any techno experts out there??


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15th Aug 2006 14:32

don't worry, i thought i lost everything when the same thing happened.

i am not sure if it will work with you but i reinstalled windows and retreived all my files which were luckily still there then reformatted my computer.

search google there are loads of tips and sites for this problem.

it has taught me to make backups though.

By dave redfern


16th Aug 2006 18:56

Hey Dale.

Considered just putting the hard-drive into another computer to see if it's still readable? Check if you can go into safe-mode, too. May be able to burn a CD from there. Otherwise, try repairing Windows' installation from the Recovery Console, or using Partition Magic CD-bootable tool to create a partition without erasing the old files, and installing another Windows to back-up from there (or copy-accross them delete the old partition.) You could also use a USB-hard-disk to boot from, alternatively, if your BIOS/EFI supports this feature.

By Stuart


16th Aug 2006 21:13

If you need any help mr let us know and you can nip round the house with it one night and i can take a look :) steve x

By Steve


16th Aug 2006 21:54

I've sorted it now. :D Used a "live cd" adn copnnected my MP3 Player and transferred all my files off then reformatted my harddrive. :D


By Dale Hay


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