29th May 2006 06:00am
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Yesterday I helped out in the parade for Birmingham's Pride parade. I did start off pushing a horse from behind, however I got promoted and was allowed to push a big pile of bull turd through the parade. :D It was a really nice day - and yes I did get drunk!! :D

Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride 2006
Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride 2006
Birmingham Pride 2006 Birmingham Pride 2006

Here is a little thing that one of my mates with me have decided to write about an event that happened last night. *cough*

Ok so yesterday was Birmingham Pride, was a bloody great day, met some cool people (Kim and Ian)
Well something so funny happened, me and Adam couldnt breath we were laughing so much!!!!
It was about 8:30.
Me, Adam, Kat and Kim were sitting out side just having a chat and stuff when Dale and Ian showed up.
Dale was REALLY drunk; he couldnt even get his words out properly or walk straight!
Well after they came and sat with us Dale decides he needed a piss, but instead of going to the toilet he got his cock out at the table, and grabbed a glass.
In panic we all tolled him not to, then I realised my bag was right under him, I tried to pull it away but it was stuck under his chair! I was shouting Dale let me get my bag over and over, but he wouldnt move.
He started to piss in the glass and then I really panicked (drunk guy pissing cant have a good aim)
So I started to pull my bag hoping the strap would break (3 quid bag who would have thought it was so strong)
Well he almost had the glass full so with all the energy I had I pulled, Dale put the glass on the table as I did this, I pulled my bag and Snap the leg to the chair came off Dale fell to the ground, but first he grabbed the table and sent his cup of piss flying.
Dale on the ground got covered in his own piss, so drunk he just sat there laughing with his cock still hanging out, people all around just looking at him, me and Adam were laughing so hard we were crying, Kat and Kim were laughing too and looking very discussed, Ian was not fazed much as he was still sitting next to a piss covered Dale drinking his beer.

Then it was almost time to go home and another dance in the big tent, a stop at tescos, then we all crashed around at Adams, talking listening to music, so I didnt get any sleep AGAIN last night, so im going to sleep now :p


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29th May 2006 15:16


I almost went into town yesterday to spectate, but was bein lazy!

By Jonny


29th May 2006 19:42

...well from anyone that wasnt there, including me (some of us has to work11) thanks for the pictures and the story sort of makes up for it. Soooo nice you shared the day with us.

By jon_jon


29th May 2006 20:56

looks like you had fun.

By Matt


29th May 2006 21:02

I did have fun indeed. :)

- Dale

By Dale Hay


31st May 2006 13:47

Not exactly Love's Baby Soft...! Ah, yes, I remember those party days....!!!! --Susie

By Susie


3rd Jun 2006 23:10

Lol, never knew Dale was into watersports. ;)

By Stuart


21st Jun 2006 14:34

nice pic dude... hope you are fine....
miss u guys....:)

By Dhan


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