15th Aug 2019 11:20am
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dhIMG Twitter

Thanks for all the messages from everyone that uses this program regarding how it was no longer working. I've updated it and tested it (had someone else test it too), it should now work. The reason for the previous versions not working was a security policy change on Twitter's side.

dhIMG Twitter

Note: I have tried my best to keep the framework required to run the program as low as possible, as to cater for those of you that're still on earlier Operating Systems, however this update requires the .NET Framework 4.6, which means if you're on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, or XP, this program will no longer work - it will only work on Microsoft Windows Vista and anything newer (so W7, W8 and W10).

Changes in v1.8

» Updated program due to security policy changes


You can download the latest version from:

For instructions on how to use this program, please check its initial release post here.


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16th Aug 2019 03:27

Thank you for updating dhIMG Twitter :)

By Aj


18th Aug 2019 04:47

As of this date I can confirm this is working as intended. Great work!

By Kieis


18th Aug 2019 23:56

Thank you for updating dhIMG Twitter. but now why is the application not working?
What is wrong?

By kibajra


26th Aug 2019 22:07

Hey kibajra,

I've just tested it and it's working. Please make sure you're not trying to use this on a 'locked'/'private' account, as it will not work.

By Dale Hay


5th Nov 2019 00:36


By Supanat Yadee


2nd Dec 2019 18:07

I love this program but when trying to download images from an account the program always stops before 1000.

By Casper


2nd Jan 2020 20:27

A bit late, but thank you!

By user


22nd Jan 2020 15:19

It doesn't download every image. Could you check the program? There are many images being left out.

By user


23rd Jan 2020 10:23

It doesn't work. Pops-up telling "there seems to be an error fetching the images"

By User


12th Feb 2020 03:59

Heads up; I think Twitter may have made a change to the site which is affecting the downloader.

I put the name in, number it to 4000, choose a directory to put the files, and hit run; I now notice the app is downloading files A LOT slower than usual. Sometimes it even gets hung up and I have to click cancel for it to skip the file and continue. It was working fine a few days ago but now it's borderline unusable. You do some fine work, Mr. Dale Hay, I implore you to please look into the matter.

If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion: could you please possibly make an option for the downloader to download files from newest to oldest, rather than download the oldest ones first? I need to download quite a few Twitter accounts and it's tedious work waiting for it to download files that I already have just so I can put the new ones in. This also makes sorting files harder too because it redownloads files that I then deleted because I didn't want them, so I have to trudge through and delete all the ones I don't like, again. Some kind of index file or such that updates by downloading to the last file previously downloaded and then stops downloading, that would be ideal. Please consider it, Mr. Hay.

By the way, will we ever please get .gif support in our downloads as well? Thank you for taking the time to read this, have a good day.

By A concerned citizen


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