22nd Apr 2006 06:00am
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British rock band Embrace have revealed the offical World Cup song. The song is called World at your Feet and is to be released on June 5th. It was first aired yesterday on BBC Radio One. Have a listen to it and see if you like it.
I personally thing it is one of those songs that does get sang by the drunks in a local pub.

» Listen to Embrace - World at your Feet (BBC)


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22nd Apr 2006 15:56

Its too singy! 3 Lions is so much better.

By Jonny


22nd Apr 2006 21:22

err ... is the world cup the prize for the best pub karaoke team then?. Soz not heard the tune yet :D

By jon-jon


30th Apr 2006 13:36

Nice sound to it, but it does feel the kind of song that will become irritating after it's served its purpose. Not exactly as sing-a-long as 'Football's Coming Home', really (just from listening to it, I can't really picture anyone choosing it for kareoke of their own free will). It'll probably go down well as a ringtone for a while, but other-than-that. Perhaps it could be entered in the next Eurovision though -- certainly better than past efforts.

By Stuart


1st May 2006 22:48

err - still aint heard it, but I do like Karoake and can humm along

By John


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