2nd Nov 2018 06:30pm
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The Crispin-Buxley Phenomenon

You may or may not have heard of the Crispin-Buxley Phenomenon and if you have not then you are probably wondering what it actually is.

In all honesty, I do not know what it is myself. Simple really. However you have probably come across this article after doing a Google search because you had been asked the question 'Are you familiar with the Crispin-Buxley phenomenon?' on the paid-survey website Prolific and was wondering what on Earth it actually was.

I have sat down and thought about what this could be and all I can think of is that it's a trick question to catch people out if they answer 'yes' to it. As if they do - and we know it doesn't actually exist - then Prolific staff know that the person answering the questions are merely lying on their answers and not worthy of gaining money from doing surveys.

I am, however, unsure why the two surnames (I'm guessing?) were used though. I did check all entries on Prolific's Blog and there was no author with that name, I also checked their list of staff members and couldn't find any link between the names - no one has those surnames (unless the female members of staff had them as their birth surnames if they're now married). The initials of the whole teams first names don't spell it out nor do their surnames.

I also ran the names through anagram solvers and couldn't really find anything either (if you're wondering why I did that, then I'll recommend you Google search 'Most Haunted Kreed Kafer').

There's also nothing in regards of Buxley besides a hamlet in the Scottish Borders. There's a few things for Crispin, but nothing that could be related to this. So all in all, it's just one of those trick questions to try and catch people out.

(If, however, I have got all of this TOTALLY wrong, then feel free to let me know - I enjoy being educated with new information)


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12th Dec 2018 19:07


By Panna Toth


16th Jan 2019 20:10

It seems there is a Long Beach CA tattoo artist who was involved in a copyright infringement case against fashion designer Christian Audigier. The case is notable because it set precedent regarding privacy of social media communications with regard to discovery in such cases. https://ediscovery.co/ediscoverydaily/case-law/crispin-v-christian-audigier-inc-ediscovery-replay/
Now, wether the tattoo artist changed his name as a joke on the trick question, or if the trick question took its name from the tattoo artist, or it is mere co-incidence... who knows?

By tommy Lacroix


25th Jan 2019 04:09

It's also imprecise and sloppy, because the artist was Buckley and not Buxley. I have no idea what Prolific is trying to do. Their questionnaire has typos on other pages. I think they are not especially credible and are just another exploitative platform startup engaging in a race to the bottom.

By K


26th Jun 2019 21:13

If you trawl google, then http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/101637/ has loads of authors, including the two names specified in the question on Prolific and it sounds sort of like the right thing, but who can say?

By Zaphod Beeblebrox


28th Jun 2019 18:38

Thanks for this entry! I just had a question about this at the end of a survey on Prolific and I was baffled so after truthfully answering 'No, never heard of it', I googled... and landed on your page! Glad to see I'm not such an ignoramus after all!

By Helene


26th Nov 2019 00:23

Maybe WE are the Crispin-Buxley phenomenon! Giving a bunch of random test subjects a trick question and see if they find eachother searching for it's answer out on the interwebs O.o

By Fattywompus


1st Feb 2020 18:23

I found this website (https://metafasr368.weebly.com/crispin-buxley-phenomenon.html) that has something that sounds like it m-i-g-h-t be relatable.

"General Halftrack's inappropriate sexual attraction toward his secretary, Miss Buxley, has been a long-running gag in the comic ever since the general's introduction in 1971, but it never quite reached the 'cream your drawers' level, at least not publicly, until a Swedish publisher decided to collect Walker's previously unpublished, R-rated strips into a single volume in 1994 (Walker is, like, a rock star in Scandinavia). Choice moments in the strips include General Halftrack bemoaning his. Crispin Valve is a family owned and operated company since 1905."

By CraftyKrisT


8th May 2020 23:13


By Alexandra Selas


21st Jun 2020 06:56

Oh, thanks. I also looked it up because of the question from Prolific.

By Kyrian


4th Mar 2021 13:22

this was a stupid question who agrees??



26th Mar 2021 17:46

I tried to search some research papers on google scholar, I found nothing, with the(Crispin-Buxley phenomenon), but when I try individually I found many articles and researches with the last name Crispin, there were mixed articles on the below link check it for your self : https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=Crispin&btnG=

By Suleman


1st Apr 2021 17:38

This is what I found when putting in one of the above links and being brought to some weird thing then going back. I am still not sure if I should click yes or no because now I am paranoid of what my answer will have prolific think!

basically the phenomenon of attention check/"test" questions and will people lie about them/remember what they lied about later on.

By Mandy


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