24th Oct 2018 05:40pm
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Well, thank goodness for these adult nappies, I woke up having had an accident at a daft time in the morning, was not sure what the actual time was because it was pitch black and I did not wish to wake the other person in my room by turning the light on to check the clock).

First group of the day was 'Change of Objectives' (we're set certain goals to do the previous week, and should try to fulfil them - I did all but one of mine). This is a group that a majority of us do not really like as you've got to point out others' positives and flaws - and it can turn quite brutal at times, but if you think about it, how can someone improve themselves if they don't receive any constructive criticism. Following this group, we had a 'Thoughts and Feelings' session to see how we were all doing.

After lunch we had a 'Pain and Damage' session, where one other will talk about an event in their life and how it has caused pain, be it physically or emotionally, and the same with damage, then if anyone can relate then it moves on to that person. These sessions are/can be very deep and I do find that they can become quite heartbreaking. I've really noticed myself becoming more emotional in myself since the start of the detox programme.

After a 'heavy' day at the Centre, we got our tuck and also tobacco supplies - which I think I now am at the point where I need to owe the Centre money. I think I only came in with £52 to last me the two weeks and I'm sure I've had four lots of tuck and three pouches of tobacco and three packs of fags (the fags on their own are £8 each, so there's £24, pouches are £12 each, so there's £36, so minus tuck that's £60). Whoops! I will find out on discharge how much is owed - and I will then have access to my bank card too, so can settle up then.

Talking of my discharge, I have been informed that I shall be discharged at 9am (instead of 11am) on Monday, picked up by The Mother, and then taken straight to Addaction for the start of my day programme sessions, which will be 10am-2pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the staff at Addaction - especially as they will notice the massive change and improvement that has happened to me in these past two weeks.

I do have a few concerns though, not really alcohol-related, but more of what I will see on my phone or online when I regain access to them... two weeks worth of catching up, along with having to filter through the random crap you get on social media, and also big decisions as to what I do with regards of whom I should stay in contact with. It's put me in a bit of a pickle. I think I will pull a mini-group about it tomorrow and see what advice the others can offer/share with me. I can't remember if I mentioned what a mini-group is, but it's basically initiated by one other and then includes two or three others, this takes place within the living room behind closed doors with a sign places outside the door so that others are notified, then the initiator talks and the others listen and then offer their feedback afterwards, followed by a friendly hug/pat-on-the-back as a 'thank you'.

Dinner tonight was 'Sweet Thai curry and rice', which was nice and was mildly 'hot' - just the right amount of heat for me.

A few of the others have gone to external meetings, so I'm just chilling out reading comics from one of the others within the house. The comics are well crazy - they're called 'Adventure Time'. I've currently read through Volume 1 and 2, and just making my way through Volume 3, then I should be able to do Volume 4 by the time I leave.

Now just time for my nighttime meds, a cuppa, and then plod to bed. Night.

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