24th Oct 2018 12:30pm
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7am trying to lift myself out of bed, well that was a mission in itself. My ribs (left side) were a 7/10 on the painscale, so I decided to roll out of bed instead. It was the only way I could get up for the morning meeting at 7:30am.

Had the morning meeting and breakfast along with meds, I did mention about the pain to the staff. They advised me that I see the doctor, so we went to the Centre and had a visit from a gentleman that spoke to us that came from the United States - his story was inspiring and also extremely scary. Afterwards we had an AA meeting, which I always enjoy because it's a mix of humour along with the serious nature, the mixture works brilliantly for me. Sadly though there wasn't much humour this time around as there was some tragic news mentioned.

After the groups we went to the local Church for a few hours to do various activities, some others did cooking, playing instruments, painting, drawing, etc. and I sat making necklaces with beads.

I had to leave there earlier than the others because I had to see the doctor regarding my rib(s). She examined me and said that there was no puncture or damage to my lungs, which was good. She did say that I may have slightly cracked the rib though, but it will take about 6-8 weeks to heal on its own, and was given some ibuprofen gel to apply thrice daily to help ease the pain.

I then got back to the house and relaxed before dinner, which -once again- was outstanding. In all honesty, I would love to stay here just for the food. I really cannot believe how much I have eaten in the week and a half that I've been here.

Had a chilled out night laughing my arse off so hard at the others trying to delegate what movie to watch, then about the internet connection problems. If this could've been filmed/recorded, it genuinely would be YouTube Comedy Gold.

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