24th Oct 2018 09:54am
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Woke up at 7am, had our morning meeting and then had a fag before breakfast - copious amounts of Marmite on toast, after breakfast I had six more Librium, along with some other four pieces of medication. I must say that it was amazing waking up to not feeling shakey, many said the same thing too - that they noticed I wasn't rattling as much either - it felt good!

After breakfast we headed to the Centre to begin our therapy session, and I found that session to be a good full opening for me on my first full day.

Lunchtime and medication (six more Librium and 3 other meds) followed, then afterwards we started an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) session which too was insightful for me as that was my first ever one. Following that was a CA (Cocaine Anonymous) session - this was one session that I opened myself up so much that I ended up in tears (Note: You don't need to be addicted to Cocaine to partake in CA, same applies to NA too). Upon the completion of this session I received my 'Newcomer' keyring - it doesn't sound much, but to me it's a reward for what I'm doing. On top of that, the one open thing I mentioned is now no longer being held inside, it is out, and what a relief.

A member of staff did notice my emotional state and asked if I wanted a one-to-one, which I explained what happened. The care and compassion from the staff member was amazing and it made me feel so much better.

A 'Thoughts and Feeling' group proceeded, which allowed us to check up on how we're all feeling currently, obviously I was a mixture of emotions due to the previous opening up.

Afterwards, we returned back to the house, oh, not before a fire drill. Once we did return, it was time for another round of medication (6L, 3V), then dinner was prepared. Afterwards, we got to relax for the rest of the evening with a film, which ended up being "IT" (the newer one), followed by some more medication (6L, 3V), then 'twas bedtime.

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