24th Oct 2018 09:52am
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Entered at 11:30am and began my admission form filling. Plenty of paperwork later, a dashing photo taken of me, being searched and having to handover my belongings (phone, card, passport, headphones, money, etc.), I was then left to mingle with the others within the Centre.

They all welcomed me amazingly - as if I was already known by them. The warm reception from them all was amazing, they were all polite, shook my hand and introduced themselves to me. After that initial few minutes I felt extremely relaxed, and we all proceeded to a room for lunch. After lunch I started my first group session.

After that group, I was was taken by the medical staff to the doctors to be questioned and examined, then I was given the first of three [daily] Pabrinex injections in my bumcheek, this was to boost my vitamin B and C levels and I'm not going to lie, I have NEVER felt so much pain in my life. The only way I could describe it was that just a small area of your arse-cheek was being filled up and stretching/ripping the muscle from the inside of your skin. I screamed like a bitch. I needed to have another one on Day 2 and Day 3, but after that pain, I refused the following one - so we're waiting to see how I feel on Day 5 to have the next one.

We picked up my medication (Librium) and upon returning to the house, one other showed me around the house (the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, toilet, and smoking area). Shortly afterwards, I was administered my first dosage of six Librium tablets.

Received my bag and 'welcome pack'. My bag was fully searched - my shaver was taken as there was no cover over the bladeless twizzly bits on it. The rest of the contents of my bag cleared the checks, and I was complimented on my packing due to how I fold then roll so that more could fit in. :)

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